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Happy Learn Haskell Tutorial

News: We're working on Volume 2 which is presently in beta. Please register your interest on the Volume 2 Leanpub site.

Volume 1

Volume 1 will bring your Haskell reading skill from nothing to about halfway through beginner level. You will also gain the skills necessary to write the smallest pre-beginner (basic level) programs.

Available for purchase on the Volume 1 Leanpub site, or read the free releases below. Please consider purchase if you're able, it lets us work on more books and resources for you.

Volume 1 Chapters:

  1. Introduction: How to learn Haskell enjoyably
  2. Your First Step (Understanding our first Haskell
    definition & expression)
  3. Types of Jigsaw Pieces (Types and Signatures)
  4. The Main Road (IO, purity and actions)
  5. Function Magic (Pure functions, Bool, lambdas, currying)
  6. Sockets and Plugs (Using functions, arguments, sections)
  7. Output Other Things (Typeclasses, Num, Show, print vs putStrLn)
  8. Make Decisions (Eq, if, case, guards, function patterns)
  9. Shop for Food with List (List, Foldable, (:), (++), matching Lists)
  10. A Dream within a Dream (List, recursion, map, intercalate)
  11. More Shopping (Type aliases, Tuples, folding)
  12. How to Write Programs(Problem solving overview, summary so far)
  13. At the Zoo (Sum types, map, where)
  14. Cats and Houses (Sum types, product types, guards, function composition, pattern matching algebraic data types, Maybe)
  15. Basic Output (Writing programs with simplest output only)
  16. Fridge, the Game (Do blocks, full program recursion/looping, input)
  17. The People Book (Product types with record syntax, recursion, filter explained, map explained, sort, compare, Ord, flip, sortOn)
  18. Times-Table Train of Terror (Lists, tuples, lambdas, zip, ($), concat, do blocks, program loop with state passing)
  19. Skwak the Squirrel (Sum types, product types, tuples, lambdas with type matching, sections, any, (/=), program loop with state passing, ($) more)
  20. Basic Input (Writing programs with simplest input and output)
  21. Getting Set Up (How to get started with installing Haskell)
  22. Vol 1 Frequently Asked Questions (Answers to the questions we receive all the time)
  23. Many Thanks (A Heartfelt Thankyou Message)

Volume 2

Volume 2 will take you through a series of programs and lessons that will let you be able to read a great many beginner Haskell programs in the wild. As we do so, we'll also use the built-in exercises to skill-up your program-creating ability so you'll be able to write quite a variety of basic-level programs on your own.

Volume 2 Chapters:

  1. Introduction to Volume 2
  2. Roll the Dice (Random, Understanding IO & actions, Monad typeclass, replicate, sequence, parsing input with read)
  3. Guess the Number (Text, validation with Either, simple parsing, Monoid typeclass)
  4. Rock Paper Scissors (Writing a typeclass instance, Random)
  5. Word Unjumbler (Program design approaches, reading & writing files, Text, command line arguments)
  6. Substitution Cyphers (More program design, Enum, Char, Exceptions & Errors)
  7. More chapters are being written as we speak! Support us by registering your interest for vol 2, spreading the word and/or buying vol 1. Thank you so much!

Happy Learn Haskell Tutorial is licenced under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. (Human-Readable summary.)